Acoustic Solutions and Sound Proofing

  • Procell Acoustic foam is a fire-proof foam used in Generator sets and Engine rooms.  It is very effective in stopping and absorption of low frequency noise pollution.
  • Convoluted foam is a flame retardant acoustic foam used in recording studios and call centres to absorb noise and improve sound quality – also called convoluted foam tiles or egg box foam.
  • Procell pyramid-shaped and wedge-shaped panels or tiles are used in both studios and industrial applications to absorb sound and improve sound quality.
  • Accousound is a blended nitrile rubber acoustic absorber.  The open cell structure with a complex pore geometry ensures effective absorption of airborne sounds across a broad range of frequencies.  The high density provides an effective barrier to sound transmission.  It is very effective for industrial applications such as generators and engine rooms.
  • Rockwool is an inexpensive thermal and acoustic insulation material used as cavity-batt insulation in dry-wall systems.

Procell Pyramid

Procell Wedge

Procell Acoustic Foam

Convoluted Foam




Sound Absorption Values of Procell Acoustic Foam

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