About Us

About Us

For more than two decades, Industrial Foam and Rubber has been at the forefront of foam and rubber product conversions. We have been manufacturing and shaping industries since our inception in 1997. Our steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional products and world-class service has fueled continuous growth over the years.

Industries Catered For

Headquartered in both Cape Town and Durban, we extend our services across a wide spectrum of industries nationwide, including construction, engineering, manufacturing, sports and the packaging sector. This broad reach showcases our dedication to meeting diverse industry needs with tailored solutions.

Our Product Range

Explore our extensive product range, which encompasses various grades of closed cell EVA and PE foam sheets. Additionally, versatile strips and gaskets, construction expansion joints, cutting-edge acoustic solutions and resilient flooring options are available. Each product is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, ensuring they fulfill the unique requirements of our clientele.

Beyond industrial applications, we cater to the sports and promotional sectors, providing innovative solutions that blend functionality with creativity. Whether you require reliable construction materials, soundproofing solutions or eye-catching promotional items, Industrial Foam and Rubber stands as the preferred partner for excellence.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Cape Town and Durban employ cutting-edge technology to ensure precision and efficiency. Committed to sustainability, our products are designed with eco-friendly materials, reflecting our dedication to both quality and environmental responsibility. Experience the difference with Industrial Foam and Rubber, where innovation meets a greener future.

As pioneers in the foam and rubber industry, we continue to evolve, adapt and set benchmarks for quality and service. Join us on this journey of innovation and reliability as we contribute to the success of various industries across the country. Our legacy of excellence speaks volumes and we invite you to experience the difference with Industrial Foam and Rubber – where quality meets innovation. Contact us for more information.