Building and Construction Products

We supply construction companies as well as builders and engineers with various construction products:

  • Jointformer and Jointformex: closed cell foam strip used to form expansion joints between brickwork and columns.
  • Backing cord: foam cord used in waterproofing applications to keep sealants in place during drying time.
  • Shutterstrip: prevents grout leakage when shutters are bolted together.
  • Roof closures: eaves fillers available in many profiles including IBR, Kliplock and Corrugated and helps with dust proofing and bird proofing.
  • Rebar spacers: suspends steel rebar during concrete pouring.
  • High density Joint filler: used in dams and reservoirs and has a density of 120 kg per cubic meter.
  • Polystyrene: used for various applications including void filling and thermal insulation.


Roof closures

Backing Cord


Rebar spacers

Wheel spacer