Sound Proofing and Acoustic Solutions

  • Procell Acoustic foam, fire-proof foam used in Generator sets and Engine rooms.  Additionally, It is very effective in stopping and absorption of low frequency noise pollution.
  • Convoluted foam, flame retardant acoustic foam used in recording studios and call centres to absorb noise and improve sound quality – also called convoluted foam tiles or egg box foam.
  • Procell pyramid-shaped and wedge-shaped panels or tiles are used in both studios and industrial applications to absorb sound and improve sound quality.
  • Accousound, a blended nitrile rubber acoustic absorber.  The open cell structure with a complex pore geometry ensures effective absorption of airborne sounds across a broad range of frequencies.  The high density provides an effective barrier to sound transmission.  It is very effective for industrial applications such as generators and engine rooms.
  • Rockwool is an inexpensive thermal and acoustic insulation material used as cavity-batt insulation in dry-wall systems.

Transform your environment with our cutting-edge sound proofing, acoustic solutions, designed to immerse you in tranquility. Moreover, crafted with precision, our innovative products effectively absorb and control sound vibrations. It creates a serene ambiance free from disruptive external noise. Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial settings, our specialized solutions range from advanced construction materials to tailored foams.

Additionally, experience the harmonious blend of technology and design as unwanted sounds fade away. As a result, this allows you to focus, relax and enjoy the auditory purity of your surroundings. Furthermore, elevate your spaces with our commitment to excellence, surpassing expectations for a quieter, more peaceful atmosphere that enhances your overall well-being. Contact us for more information

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Sound Absorption Values of Procell Acoustic Foam

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